The qxci-scio device is used for stress reduction, energy rebalance, reharmonization, and not for diagnose. Only a licensed doctor can diagnose a patient.


Consciousness and quantum mechanics are somehow linked

  • By Philip Ball

(…) Some scientists think we already understand what consciousness is, or that it is a mere illusion. But many others feel we have not grasped where consciousness comes from at all.

The perennial puzzle of consciousness has even led some researchers to invoke quantum physics to explain it.

(…) Quantum mechanics is the best theory we have for describing the world at the nuts-and-bolts level of atoms and subatomic particles. Perhaps the most renowned of its mysteries is the fact that the outcome of a quantum experiment can change depending on whether or not we choose to measure some property of the particles involved.

When this "observer effect" was first noticed by the early pioneers of quantum theory, they were deeply troubled. It seemed to undermine the basic assumption behind all science: that there is an objective world out there, irrespective of us. If the way the world behaves depends on how – or if – we look at it, what can "reality" really mean?

Some of those researchers felt forced to conclude that objectivity was an illusion, and that consciousness has to be allowed an active role in quantum theory. To others, that did not make sense. 

(…)Today some physicists suspect that, whether or not consciousness influences quantum mechanics, it might in fact arise because of it. They think that quantum theory might be needed to fully understand how the brain works.

Might it be that, just as quantum objects can apparently be in two places at once, so a quantum brain can hold onto two mutually-exclusive ideas at the same time

(…) … in the 1930s by the Hungarian physicist Eugene Wigner: 
"It follows that the quantum description of objects is influenced by impressions entering my consciousness," he wrote. "Solipsism may be logically consistent with present quantum mechanics."

Wheeler even entertained the thought that the presence of living beings, which are capable of "noticing", has transformed what was previously a multitude of possible quantum pasts into one concrete history. In this sense, Wheeler said, we become participants in the evolution of the Universe since its very beginning. In his words, we live in a "participatory universe."

To this day, physicists do not agree on the best way to interpret these quantum experiments, and to some extent what you make of them is (at the moment) up to you. But one way or another, it is hard to avoid the implication that consciousness and quantum mechanics are somehow linked.

Beginning in the 1980s, the British physicist Roger Penrose suggested that the link might work in the other direction. Whether or not consciousness can affect quantum mechanics, he said, perhaps quantum mechanics is involved in consciousness.

(...)In 2016, Adrian Kent of the University of Cambridge in the UK, one of the most respected "quantum philosophers", speculated that consciousness might alter the behaviour of quantum systems in subtle but detectable ways. 

(...) Every line of thought on the relationship of consciousness to physics runs into deep trouble," says Kent. 
This has prompted him to suggest that "we could make some progress on understanding the problem of the evolution of consciousness if we supposed that consciousnesses alters (albeit perhaps very slightly and subtly) quantum probabilities."

excerpts from: http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20170215-the-strange-link-between-the-human-mind-and-quantum-physics


Teslaplates by Teslavital® - an amazing experience with free energy

Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.

by Teslavital® are  an amazing experience in revitalizing-energizing water, liquids, food, remedies. 
There are many sizes fr
om the credit card size to bigger plates 21x21cm. 

Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.

For harmonizing your body's energy, helping it getting rid of blocks and energy unbalances.
I use it daily for water and food and when producing colloidal silver with a very safe and top tech generator (contact me if your are interested)
I put it under the produced solution. 

L'immagine può contenere: bevanda e spazio al chiusoLast but not least, if  you experience informational-treatment with remedies that you keep at your body (without intake) this Teslaplate is very essential to recharge the remedy afterwards. It takes just max 2 minutes to reestablish its optimal energy level.
In fact after its exchange with your body it looses energy and power. 
How do you discover this? by measuring your remedy with a biotester for instance. 

The website with all available Teslaplates is in Italian but anyone interested can write in English. 
L'immagine può contenere: gatto e spazio al chiuso Teslaplates by Teslavital®   are loved by pets, too. 


Brain Introspection meditation ... with the qxci-scio device

From the "biofeedback program" in the QXCI-SCIO device there is one profound and relaxing  treatment, called BRAIN INTROSPECTION, accompanied by these words:

Look into your mind, 
into your brain, 
your spirit, your soul

You'll see that the brain is just an organ
it doen't house the mind
it doesn't house the soul

Look inside your mind,
inside your spirit and soul


See your life passing through all your thoughts and feelings