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Prof C. Nelson: Superconscious Awareness Medicine

Although many feel the verbal mind is all there is, the truth is that the verbal mind makes up a very small part of the brain.

Behind the left ear on most people (more than 999 out of a 1,000), there is the “Broca” area about the size of a golf ball, which is where we put together our words, along with other parts of the left hemisphere. This is our linear mind so that we can organize in subject-predicate-object. In this part of the brain, the flow of time is linear, like a river.

Much has been written about our “split brain”; we also have a “right brain.” This “split brain” gives us a dichotomy of two types of perspective—the “left brain” is the linear-verbal “scientific mind” and the “right brain” is the more intuitive, unconscious, non-verbal “gestalt mind.”

There are over 200 trillion cells, which make up the whole of the human body, each of which has receptors and sensors in constant communication with each other in order to sense our environment. Each of these 200 trillion cells sends messages to the brain and receives messages via our electric field, conductivity, hormonal conductivity, and a host of other energy transfers. 

In addition, the human body is also in contact with its environment through our senses—sight, smell, touch, taste, sound, as well as the extra-sensory senses. Then, in addition to the profound, incredibly vast amount of data that is reaching us through our senses, there is another vast amount of data sent to our brain from all of the cells of the body responding to the vast amount of data from the senses.

Although less than 1% of 1% of 1% (ad infinitum) of our life experience gets to our conscious verbal brain, this verbal brain likes to pretend that it is in control. It likes to analyze things in its so-called scientific aspect. It likes to look for replications, reproductions and consistency so it can establish a connection in its interaction with its environment. 

However, in truth, the vast majority of our actions are not dictated by our logic, verbal mind but come from our deep subconscious—from gut feelings and from the heart and other areas. It is the unconscious that brings us to the places that we go in our life. When we get there, our verbal consciousness rationalizes and attempts some kind of explanation for how we got there—and, if challenged, it can quickly change its mind and come up with another explanation. The rationalization ability of the verbal mind is endless.

source: www.helse1.no/.../SCIO%20and%20the%20verbal%20mind.doc

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