The qxci-scio device is used for stress reduction, energy rebalance, reharmonization, and not for diagnose. Only a licensed doctor can diagnose a patient.


Qxci-scio rebalancing of brainwaves...

One of the most effective programs within the energy rebalancing treatment with the quantum device qxci-scio that I have been using for years by now, is the one concerned with "brain waves" rebalancing, that also allows to release heavy interferences, frequency disturbances that keep us stuck in stress, oppression, perception limitation, depression, fear, guilt, agression, worries,sadness etc. etc.

My experience as well as those of my clients show that this is very effective also in subspace treatments (in physical absence of the client). One case that was very amazing was when I was treating a person of the family in the subspace mode. She was not given notice about the day and time of the session. 

It took many many hours (really an exception...) to rectify the values and energetically rebalancing the areas. And exactly at the moment when it happened and the values were confirmed rectified... the phone rang. It was she, unknowlingly of what was going on, calling for a hello and saying immediately "I can call you only now because in all these hours I've been feeling so oppressed and sad that could lift the phone... now it is finally going better".

Really amazing and showing again... that solid barriers and matter exist only in our thinking and perception.

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