The qxci-scio device is used for stress reduction, energy rebalance, reharmonization, and not for diagnose. Only a licensed doctor can diagnose a patient.


Time doesn't exist...treating past lives connections with the qxci-scio


Have you observed yourself when you are with people and situations you love the most – you usually witness Time getting exhausted so fast. And in the end you say “How fast has the time passed!” And you would wish to be with these people and situations for a long time.

Similarly, when you are with people and situations you don’t like at all, you feel the Time isn’t moving as usually it does. And you would say “why is the Time so slow!” and you would wish the Time moved so fast to escape from these people and situations.

I know very well this is a common experience for everyone. So, is Time a relative entity? Does your perception alter the Time outside you? Or are you perceiving the same Time differently according to your emotional states? Yes! when you feel positive you experience less Time. Whereas when you feel negative, you experience more Time.’

source: http://www.naturalblaze.com/2017/02/time-present-moment.html

Going beyond linear time is by the way the landscape in which anyone travels with a qxci-scio treatment. A very special treatment that addresses the spiritual sphere beyond mere personality issues and wellbeing improvement is the "past lives" program.
It allows the person to discover emotional links existing between a present life issue and past life information. It does not however detail a past life rather... it lets us guess what a past life connection might be about energetically ... and it may not be exactly what we've been told about  by the common narrative...

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