The qxci-scio device is used for stress reduction, energy rebalance, reharmonization, and not for diagnose. Only a licensed doctor can diagnose a patient.


What you can experience with qxci-scio treatment

  • Stress reduction, which is at the core of many of our issues
  • Electro-acupuncture, rebalancing of the meridians and Chi energy
  • NLP (Neuro linguistic program) which addresses spiritual, mental and emotional issues
  • Homeopathy, Bach flower, flower essences, crystals
  • Chakra balancing (chakras correspond to hormonal centers) 
  • aura cleansing  
  • Spinal work + muscles, tendons, nerves etc
  • Balancing brain issues and stimulating learning
  • Addressing CNS (central nervous system) and ANS (autonomic nervous system)
  • Adressing negativity of thoughts and depressive moods
  • cleansing of other energy levels (etheric, astral, mental, cosmic, ancestral etc...)
  • releasing spiritual attacks and posessions
  • relabalcing organs at their own frequency

    All this is a possible experience during remote sessions, too. It is called subspace mode. It is amazing to witness how a positive change can occur in body conditions, feelings and mind, i.e. a better focus, better balance, better feeling of wholeness, clarity. It may also bring a sense of feeling free from oppression in mind and heart.

    for further info about my distant healing sessions please refer to the contact form on the blog

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